Welcome to our new home!

If you’ve visited IGLPrinting.com before, you’ve seen our Etsy store. I’ve been selling on Etsy for almost two years, but as this business has grown Etsy has been much more of a challenge to work with. Aside from significant costs, Etsy severely limits our ability to offer the customization and variations of our products which have been such a hit.

Please bear with me; our new website may very much be a work in progress but our products and service are only getting better. Other than our change of venue, not changed about the day to day work of IGL Printing. The business is still owned, run, and operated by me, Ian. Our plastics are made in America. We still make a crazy mix of things ranging from cosplay and board game parts to exercise bike accessories. Thank you for making the last two years an awesome experience, and I hope to be of service for many years to come!

If you’re new to the site, then a very special welcome to you! At IGL Printing, I design, make and sell just about anything that can be 3D printed. Need some kind of product designed from scratch? We can help. Found a cool thing on Thingiverse but don’t have access to a printer or want to mess around with the process? IGL Printing is standing by.

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